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They need to let sunlight in not keep it out cities like Los Angeles or Houston are built around cars ken Masters lessons the applied to them still it’s a step in the right direction and it’s impressive that this step is being taken by a country that doesn’t need to take it I met a guy who said actually they did need to take it.


He took me to the desert to explain God says wanna alemana Dallas emirati well Aldi well gee Bailey God talks about man’s place in the universe that this world is a trust and God offered this trust to the mountains to the heavens to to the land to earth and all and all refused refused to take this trust but man being adventurous with vain maybe too ambitious being man accepted it now accepting it there is a responsibility taking responsibility.

Isn’t always easy utopia may be unattainable but we must reach for it and Masdar does give us a clue to what cities will be like in the future they may not look quite like master but they will be shaped by the same concerns by energy where it comes from and how it’s used the way we’ve been building cities lately is unsustainable we can’t go on building them that way but to say that we can’t build cities the way.

We have been building them doesn’t mean we can’t build cities in the future in fact we have to build cities cities are the essential statement of human civilization so we will continue to make them but we have to make them in a different way what we’ve seen is that.

The world of won’t look drastically different from the world today but the challenges of a growing population and increased energies demand real solutions its innovations like those we’ve just seen that will be critical in charting our path to the world of.

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