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they’ve been in the store in the past so you can monitor them and check whether they’ve been in their present day so in the event that it looks great we won’t let them in we will simply ahead and finish the registration procedure and here we are on the hall this is the thing that your blood delicate see after.

this individual strides up to your bun delicate is prepared to make a buy the barkeep can possibly medical marijuana software twofold check their ID ensure their Roger Africa and after that approval and start another request for this client now the framework realizes this is a recreational client so it lets.

you know up here on the highest point of the POS screen is the client arrange number every one of their particulars and you can simply ahead and begin adding things to the request and I recollect precisely what I have incorporated with the framework however here’s a menu here on the correct you sort of complete a fast query of what you have on board I see I have some pooch walker simply ahead and add this to the request affirm I have two or three unique groups of puppy walker.

I will simply ahead and include this in include some number of grams simply ahead and include this thumbs up goodness and these are pre rolls proceed and those drapery moves until the point that the request bucks demonstrates to you the assessment or CC charge and obviously now a few urban communities have the % discretionary city impose so you can design.

that for your store for yourself the issue here on the correct you can see individuals holding up in your Lobby I’m in here I’ve been in here – minutes so this is extremely expedient administration in this dispensary how about we see so we likewise have some sfv hundred grams still that in the request yet looks great how about we get four grams of that alright so now.

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